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A Liaison is an individual who shall lead other volunteers by example, understanding that our roles are that of role models, showing both children and adults that is not only acceptable, but a necessity that the biker lifestyle is one of respect and caring for the community, our schools, and all others regardless of age, sex,motorcycle (or not), sexual orientation or race.

  • Although BAB USA is designed to eliminate or minimize actual cost to liaison, liaison may apply for pre-approval of expense reimbursements for out of pocket costs.

  • Liaisons are to assist in non-aggressive showing of support to those in need, educating and sharing the philosophy that all people are worthy of respect.

  • Liaisons, upon being requested for a local BAB USA appearance, shall network the riders that show responsibility needed to reflect BAB USA in such an event and organize the appearances.

  • School and public child-focused appearances shall have loose scripts, supplied by BAB USA Inc. to assist in in educating others in acceptance and tolerance.

  • Liaison will be responsible for collection and management of BAB USA supportive materials such as vehicle stickers, posters and fundraising merchandise, including, but not exclusive to T-shirts, bandannas and patches.

  • Liaison will be responsible for return of any supportive materials and fundraising merchandise to BAB USA Inc.

  • BAB USA liaisons shall not have been found guilty of any felonies involving child abuse, molestation or improper conduct with children.

  • BAB USA liaisons shall be the focused spokesperson of BAB USA Inc. involving fundraisers, organization and events which BAB USA is asked to partake in.

  • Liaison shall be of a volunteer role only, not a paid employee of BAB USA.

Code of Conduct

  • BAB USA liaisons and supporters are expected to act accordingly and respectfully as child anti-bullying advocates and ambassadors of our mandate to create a secure and safe environment in which children are free to thrive and feel safe.

To find an existing chapter in your area, please check our Chapter Directory

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